Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

If you want a puppy from us, you have to convince us that you have a real interest. We do not place any great demands on those interested, we do not require participation in exhibitions, breeding, etc. All we require is that our puppy has a good time with you, has enough care, love and does not suffer in any way. Just to fulfill its task of being your friend, companion and partner for about 10 to 16 years of your life. If you do some activities with it, such as sports training, agility, obedience or other sports or exhibitions and breeding, it will be a kind of bonus and a big plus, not a condition. Perhaps we will only persuade you to participate in the seduction, because we care about the breed and our goal is 100% evaluation of litters. Therefore, we also want to show offspring with defects at the youth show, not only the best individuals, so that it is possible to catch the hereditary defects of the parents and thus prevent further unconscious mating of two carriers of a defect.

Register on our website

If you agree with our conditions and you are still interested in a puppy from us, register on our website as applicant for a puppy. By registering, you will get access to the section for applicant of puppies. This will give you information that is not publicly available to everyone. In particular, you will know the first time we plan puppies, when mating took place, etc. In addition to the above information, you will be able to get acquainted with the wording of important contractual documents such as reservation (pre-purchase) contract, which will provide you with a puppy from the litter before collection. interest and then especially the purchase contract, which we will sign together on the day of collection and the signing of which is a condition for taking the puppy from us.

Reserve a puppy

By paying the reservation fee (it is then deducted from the purchase price), you show us your serious interest in the puppy from us and at the same time you have a guarantee that you will really have a puppy. However, the reservation is possible only after the birth of puppies, because it always applies to puppies from the current litter and the number of dogs or bitches is known only after birth. We usually open reservations only after chipping and assigning registration numbers by the studbook, ie at the earliest at the age of 4 weeks.

The order of reservation is important when choosing a puppy. We strictly adhere to it, unless the interested parties agree otherwise. The date of receipt of payment to our account (issuance of the document) is decisive.

The puppies will undergo a litter inspection before collection by the main breeding advisor or a person authorized by him at 6-8 weeks of age and the litter inspection report will be available immediately to those who use the puppy’s reservation and of course to new owners at collection.

Visit us before picking up a puppy

From the 4th week of puppies, we allow those who have reserved a puppy to participate in the socialization of puppies and at the same time have the opportunity to choose a puppy and some of our chosen names a little in advance. We do not tattoo puppies, we only chip at the age of 4 – 6 weeks and we do a DNA test of parentage, including the DNA profile of all puppies in the litter. After chipping, the names of the puppies are fixed. However, the real choice of a puppy makes sense at the age of 7 weeks, because it is only at that time that it is possible to characterize the nature of the puppies, their talents and exterior. Until then, it is possible to monitor the maximum color and length of hair, pigmentation, viability. So you are welcome for the first socialization, but you must arrange a visit in advance and strict hygiene measures must be observed.

Please do not bring any animals with you, bring clean clothes and shoes (do not touch any animals along the way) and wash and disinfect your hands, face, clothes and shoes upon arrival. This is important because while an adult dog may appear clinically healthy (he is vaccinated and has antibodies), tiny puppies have not yet been vaccinated and, although they have partial protection from their mother’s milk, the moment the age is older, the protection decreases and after vaccination at 6 weeks they are very endangered because they are weakened by vaccination and are still building their own immunity. More than one breeder could tell about the death of the whole litter of parvovirus, leptospirosis, etc. after visits. Unfortunately, bacteria and viruses can be introduced not only on the hands, but also on various things, clothes and especially on shoes (for example, the experience with problematic protection against covid). Please allow for a thorough cleaning upon arrival at us. This protects our (your future) puppies.

Come for a puppy

Collection is possible no earlier than the 57th day of the puppy, ie at 8 weeks. Unfortunately, it is not possible before, the rules of the club of which we are a member dictate it to us. We breed puppies exclusively with PP, with pedigree CMKU/CKS/FCI. The puppies leave us for new homes with a purchase contract, clinically healthy, vaccinated with the basic vaccine for puppies (Nobivac Puppy DP) and regularly treated with preparations against external and internal parasites. They are chipped, equipped with an EU Pet Pass and also a DNA profile together with DNA certification confirming parentage (parents verified). They also have tests for DM and MDR1, or others, if they are not negative by their parents (both parents are healthy, ie their offspring and there is no need to do tests). You will receive the pedigree by mail as valuable writing, only after it has been issued by the CMKU/CKS studbook, which is usually up to 4 months old puppies. However, you will receive a copy of the Litter Application from us as proof of registration in the studbook.

Don’t forget to bring the printed and signed reservation contract that you received when confirming the reservation. It is your ticket to us, a kind of confirmation that it really was you who booked the puppy. Please note that if we do not know you from previous visits, we are not sure that the newcomers are you.

Each puppy gets mini equipment to start at new home:

  • collar + leash
  • bowl
  • favorite toy
  • blanket with the smell of mother and siblings
  • feed package to the beginning for possible transfer to another feed

Puppies are used to crates (kennels), so you can safely transport them in the car.
If you do not have a crate, you can buy it from us or borrow it against a deposit.

Breeding service

It doesn’t end with taking a puppy from us, everything is just beginning. That’s why we’re here to help you if you need help. By buying puppies you get access to the Dog Owner section on this website. For our litters we organize meetings with us, we also help with education, training and preparation for seduction, exhibitions, evaluations or other events. We will be happy to keep you in touch. The puppies are like our children, so we will be happy if we hear about them from you, we will get some photos, videos… and if we visit from time to time.

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